Guaranteed solution to your PROPERTY MANAGEMENT needs

Whether you have a residential or commercial building, apartment or villa, office or warehouse, we have got it all for you. At MENAFA, we offer guaranteed solutions for your property needs, with organized and systematic management, accompanied by excellent services for your peace of mind.

Our highly trained experts are committed to delivering quality above all, and are equipped with the proper tools and skills


includes concierge services, coordinator and administrators


Indoor and Outdor cleaning for building, apartments, villas, offices, warehouses.

Roof Repair


security guards for patrolling, parking and traffic management, CCTV monitoring

Handyman Services

General Maintenance and Handyman Services


Wall, ceiling, roof painting services

Mechanical, Electrical,

Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing (MEP)

Swimming pool cleaning

Indoor and Outdor swiming pool cleaning and maintenace.

Air Conditioning

Installation and maintenance services

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