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MENAFA Facilities Management Services is a one-stop-shop offering complete solution for your property needs. We consider our clients as our partners, and we understand each property as valuable asset. Thus, securing it is well maintained and properly managed is our expertise.

At MENAFA, we make all things possible, and always arrive with the best strategy and techniques in bringing the best of each property we handle, lessening our partner’s burdens, while they focus their precious times on other things that matter.


To be a leading and trusted facility management company, excelling with quality services through innovation combined with passion at our client’s satisfaction.


To deliver excellence surpassing our client’s expectations by providing professional team and solutions required specifically for their needs, building confidence and trust, for each service given.


At MENAFA, our team is composed of highly trained experts and professionals, having relevant years of experience in the industry achieving remarkable performances in dealing with diverse clients, in line with our commitment for excellence.

We focus not only on developing the right skills but also the right attitude in order to achieve our goal, to attaining success together.


This area delivers the control you want over all critical aspects of your property.


A good owner’s rep saves their client time, money and a lot of headaches.


Clients hire MENAFA because we deliver great value, without question.

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